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    ESCORT-NU escort service agency offers the best services, involving leisure organization, escort, accompanying escort, business escort, week-ends, stag parties and other activities for successful men, who know the value of their time and money. If you address us, you can always expect complete and accurate information and the wide range of escort services. We work inside and outside Moscow, there are many beautiful model girls in our disposal, and you can fulfil all your desires with them, including a grandiose party on a yacht or a quite romantic evening by candlelight in cosy atmosphere.
Our agency works with many model girls, including beginners in the fashion industry and successful famous models, who already know their worth and what luxury is. ESCORT-NU agency will provide the best conditions for your relaxation in the company of effulgent beauties. Our models will astonish you with their erudition and interpersonal skills on any event, they will be indispensible and eye-catching in different situations, and it will be yours beautiful addition for an evening.


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Escort services

     Escort services always existed in the history of mankind. After men had invented things of value, young, beauteous and sexy creatures of the opposite sex invented how to get and what to do with these things. In the history of mankind we can notice a peculiarity according to which the life of any great man had a partner or a muse, who didn’t make any decisions, but inspired new ideas or achievements of a man. There has always been a rule that everything happening in the history was made for the benefit of a particular sexy woman. Escort models serve as an engine for progress and human evolution, though they don’t even understand this.

In the western world, such organizations and escort services have already taken a unique niche between the entertainment and service industries. It was long ago when foreigners understood that escort appears to be an excellent way to complete a beneficial deal. In addition, when a successful day is over, you often visit a restaurant or a club to celebrate your victory, and in this case the presence of a girl turns into a necessity. Mixing business with pleasure is common for a man, and this particular fact appears to be the primary motivation to opt for this pricy but very memorable type of relaxation. High-society event, business meetings, formal occasions – these and other cases are the events where two invitation cards are given instead of one. And if a man doesn’t have a worthy companion for visiting such event, he can address an escort agency. Escort services have already become the part of business life and entertainment for successful people in the entire world, and the escort culture is developing in Russia too.

People often say that an outstanding man can be noticed because of a woman, who accompanies him. In our overpopulated world, a successful man may encounter difficulties in finding a suitable partner. When girls see the man, they imagine their new life with many diamonds and expensive cars. However, far from all girls understand than men desire care not less than women do. Men do need support and understanding. This need especially grows when a man has the task to raise investment in his company or to win the support of colleagues. In such situations, the role of his companion comes down to the need to enhance a man’s status and to make him an object of regard.

Charm. Beautiful appearance is a very important part of any women because it enables the opportunity to defuse tensions during business negotiations, forget about business during a party, and enhance a man’s status.

Business qualities. A model must know how to substitute a secretary, a guide or, if necessary, an interpreter, if a job requires having a trip outside Russia without a secretary. Knowing how to conduct in the society. When selecting such leisure, like having a dinner in a restaurant or accompanying a client during official occasions, a girl must show her manners, the skill to conduct informal talks on any subjects, the knowledge of etiquette, etc. However, this corporate service is popular primarily because of the attributes, which take the supreme place in business community.

Girl escort in Moscow

     People say that a worthy gem needs a worthy chase. The same can be said about a man. A solid man of business needs an accompaniment that suits his status. This tradition, which was given a name “escort services” in the modern age, had appeared in the antiquity. Special schools were established for geishas and hetaerae, where beautiful women were taught an art of having a conversation, sciences, dances, music, and an art of pleasing a man. Indeed, a man had to experience pleasure from a meeting with a beautiful woman. However, this pleasure had to be primarily intellectual. Today, a beautiful, tidy, smart and able to keep any conversation girl is highly valued in both business negotiations and high-society events. For this reason, escort services are organized for businessmen who don’t have a suitable partner. Such girls often have a possibility to move freely all over the world because they obtain visas to the countries of Schengen Agreement.

A solid man of business can expect a special relationship. At the wish of the client, he can be accompanied by a model whose photo was recently published on the cover of a fashion magazine. However, in any case, an escort girl chosen in the escort agency won’t let you feel bored, and her manners, education, tact and good look will amaze your business partners and enhance your reputation in their eyes.

The qualification of models who accompany men in business trips and during leisure time is enough to hold classes at universities. Elite girls know foreign languages and are familiar with the specific character of vacations in different countries. They can bear a company in playing golf or tennis.

Communication with escort girl is always an adventure. The zest of this adventure consists in the fact that only you know that you are accompanied by an invited model and all other surrounding people will envy you because they will see your smart, educated, stylish and sexy partner. The agency provides absolute confidentiality of information on received orders.

Accompanying escort

    The phenomenon of escorting a man by a beauteous girl to business meals originated in the eastern culture. Sometimes a man spends his life all alone. People say that succeeding in business means losing in everything else. However, sometimes there are situations which worth thinking. For instance, how can you visit a high-society event, a meeting, take a walk throughout a city, appear on a yacht, a ball, F1 Grand-Prix, in other words, a business or an informal event, with no lady or the retinue of several beautiful ladies? It is simply unimaginable because it would be construed against a man. In addition, a man can feel uncomfortable to demonstrate his loneliness and experience it internally. The ceremonial conclusion of a partnership agreement, the receipt of a prestigious award, a participation in a large forum, or the visit to a high-society party brings up the issue on how and with whom to attend these events. Sometimes, there is no worthy companion among immediate circle, but visiting such events all alone is considered as a highly improper act. Wondering what to do? Address our special agency that will provide the business escort service. Matchless charming girls from the escort agency are always ready to support successful men in any initiatives regarding entertainment, relaxation, and long-time journeys. This is the nature of beautiful girls.

Escort exists to allow you coming to certain official events not alone, but in the company of beauteous girl, who enhances your prestige by the only fact of her presence. In addition, she will have classy manners and ability to support any conversation that will once again stress your personal merit. Don’t forget that it's the retinue that makes the king.

For this reason, elite escort exists. The rough meaning of this phenomenon is known to everyone. Universal aspiration to become elite was begun by the Latin word eligere, which means to choose. However, as it always happens, all key points were highlighted by Frenchmen, who have translated the word elite as the best or the chosen. Recently, the word elite became habitual and customary in our complicated life, and people started to call everything elite, including vinyl windows, wines, cloth, and escort girls. Even our thoughts and decisions have an escort which is called doubt.

Elite escort is a versatile service which is meant for both businessmen and senior executives. It is of course difficult to surprise a successful man with anything, but sometimes he may want to spend a regular dinner in the company of someone who is interesting and pleasing to talk to. The agency aims to satisfy all the requests and wishes of high profile clients.

Leisure in Moscow

In terms of etymology, the word leisure, licere in Latin, means allowance or license. The second one of these is basic for English word licence (permission) and French word loisir (leisure time). Therefore, the word leisure means the freedom of action. This is how Oxford Vocabulary defines it.

Men spend their leisure in different ways. Some prefer loud evening parties, and others are charmed by quiet and cosy romantic atmosphere. Any pastime can be relieved and made more interesting.

V.I.P leisure in Moscow. In our gallery of elite escort, business accompaniment, leisure, acquaintances with beautiful, flawless girls of VIP escort suited for every fancy, you find everything you want. Escort services are always and everywhere needed for the presentable, high-minded, and generous men. Do you want to go to sea of beautiful and faraway lands? Our girls will bear you beautiful company. Would you like to relax before another working day? Our girls will keep you fine company. Together you can communicate, hang out in a city and in most cases you will even forget that you have invited the girl from an escort service. We set a goal for each model to provide free, easy, and relaxing communication. You will duly appreciate our professional approach.

Escort services in Moscow
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